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Via Novus International LLC is an educational institution focused and committed to work with high standards of pedagogical quality that facilitate the graduated students have the highest possibilities to reach the integral success, which will contribute to build a world more righteous and productive.

In VNI we are aware that in the academic quality through the technological and pedagogical schemes, facilitate the meaningful learning, and with the adding of virtual, motivating and enjoyable environments, motivate the students to learn and put the effort and commitment to finish their studies in a successful way.



         Via Novus International University & High School, is committed to guaranty the 100% reimbursement in the case that the obtained diploma for some reason was not accepted for some institution in the context given previouly.

Via Novus University & High School has international accreditation (EQAC), which ensures the educational quality of their academic offering.



diploma eqac 15-16 ingles Good Standing

Instituciones Inter-nacionalemte Acreditadas por EQAC


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