Educational model

via novus universidad

The blended educational model of Via Novus University, whose main axis is to facilitate comprehensive student success, considering the essence and the real and basic needs of the human being as a whole, based on expertise; therefore consider that knowledge should be applicable and useful in life.

The new holistic educational vision identifies four types of learning needed to be developed in the educational communities XXI of the century, these are:

  • Learning to learn
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to Live Together
  • Learning to be

Via Novus University has as a core goal, transcending to educate students so that they have useful and significant capabilities to be supported by consultants and ICT, supporting this goal with: universal values, long-term educational development vision, continuous improvement and cutting-edge knowledge  which are complementary and not mutually exclusive. We consider the integral formation of the student at all times, this to ensure their professional success and good quality of life.

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